Editing Process FAQ

How fast is the editing process?

Typically, the editing process takes between 1 to 3 days. Sometimes, we are able to an essay back to you in a matter of hours. However, at the latest we may take 4 days. We will waive all editing charges if we don’t make that deadline.

Can I request an editor?

If you liked the editor from a previous edit, we will give you a code to request him or her for future edits.

How do I know that Collessay’s editors are professional?

What if my essay is edit free?

If we believe your essay is good to go with no necessary edits, we will only charge you a $2.00 reading fee for any length of an essay.

Is there a maximum length for an acceptable essay?

While there is no official maximum length, our editors are accustomed to editing essay between 25 to 1500 words long. If you have an essay above 2000 words, we encourage you to contact us with an email to verfy if that would be appropriate for our team.

Should I send in a rough draft?

It’s up to you! While the charges are the same for any essay, whether it be the final or original draft, we are open to evaluating any essay.

Should I send in an essay with multiple parts that needs to be cut?

We’d be happy to do that for you! Collessay editors can help you identify the weaker parts of the essay that should be cut. Please, however, include a note at the top of the essay identifying the word count you wish to target. While we will as usual charge you for the total length of the essay, we will exclude charging you for the note’s word count.

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